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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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The effects smoking marijuana has on social anxiety and cognitive distortions. Principal investigator: Perrie Gordon
Thank you for taking part in this study.
The purpose of this study is to explore and compare the effects smoking marijuana has on sociability, social anxiety, schizotypy and cognitive distortions; mainly looking at negative automatic thoughts, between participants whose levels of smoking marijuana vary. Past research has shown that there is a clear distinction between anxiety and its link to marijuana. High anxiety sensitivity adolescents may use marijuana to reduce their anxiety in certain situations thus using marijuana as a coping mechanism (McWilliams et al., 2000). Schizotypy reports suggest high levels of dysfunction from cannabis use and that individuals with schizotypy had much more difficulty than other individuals keeping their cannabis use from adversely affecting their lives (Green, 1996). All answers in this questionnaire investigate the link between different levels of smoking marijuana and how it affects individuals anxiety, sociability and cognitive distortions as little research has been conducted in this area. It is predicted that individuals who smoke marijuana more will therefore have increased levels of social anxiety, cognitive distortions, increased signs of schizotypy and lowered levels of sociability than those who don’t smoke marijuana. If you have any questions or would like further information regarding this research please contact: Perrie Gordon Email:

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