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Social Insurance

By | November 2012
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Social Insurance is the basic funder of the government funded programs such as Social Security, Unemployment, and Workers Compensation. Social Insurance is where the program is a tax paid program to help the unfortunate survive for a certain period of time while not having a steady income because they cannot work either for age, disability, or termination for non misconduct reasons. Social insurance is paid for by taxing workers, companies, and self employed people and putting the money into a fund which is available for those in need. The benefits to social insurances is that people who are laid off or terminated for a reason that is not their fault will get compensation to survive off of until they find new employment. Another reason that social insurance is a good thing is for people who are injured at work and cannot work for a period of time can still maintain their life styles. Lastly it is to ensure those who are disabled or elderly have some type of income to live off of since they can no longer work for themselves. The downside of social insurances are that the funds are often low and going to run out before some of us are going to retire even though we pay in with every pay check we receive. Another down fall is that many people are able to take advantage of the system when they could find work or can work they chose not to cutting funds for those who really need it.

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