Social Institutions of the World State Within Brave New World

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  • Published : April 26, 2005
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In the totalitarian society of Brave New World, the development of human beings is completely controlled by the World State. Each person is raised in a hatchery, where the government controls every stage of their development until maturity, a process that takes Two-hundred and sixty-seven days. The embryos¡¦ DNA is controlled chemically to stimulate or to retard their physical and mental growth to create a biological class structure. The human¡¦s placement into a certain class, such as Alpha, Beta, etc., depends on their level of physical and mental ¡§perfection.¡¨ The very notion of human reproduction without genetic purity (regular human birth) is viewed as dirty and illegal. The hatcheries, including the use of hypnopaedia to teach and build ¡§values,¡¨ have done away with the traditional nuclear family. The strict biological class structure, which influences the behavior and intellect of the humans within those classes, and psychological messages that are broadcast continually, replace the same process done by the parents of children of centuries past with a system of development that is faster and more efficient. Hypnopaedia also instills the people of the state with the knowledge of the different classes in the world and why it is best to be in the class you are in, guaranteeing that the masses comply with the situation they are placed in. Thinking as a whole class, rather than as individuals, eliminates overachieving and striving to better their lives so the State can better control the populace. Because of the birthing system and views towards biological reproduction, marriage is not practiced. Since everyone ¡§belongs¡¨ to everyone else within a class, sexual coupling is encouraged without fear of commitment to any one individual, and it even helps the society prosper according to the World State. „«Education

The entire educational process is provided by the World State during the period where human beings are developing within the...
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