Social Innovation

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Solar Bottle Bulb

• Introduction
• Social Product
• Social Geography
• Social Need
• Social Solution
• Actors / Ingredients
• Standard Product
• Collaborations
• Success Story
• Scalability

• Solar Light bulb: Innovator is ILLAC DIAZ
• Soda bottle solar light that
• reflects light to as much as 50 or 60 watts made
from a 2 litre transparent plastic soda
bottle(PET) filled with water and bleach.
• When inserted through the roof of a house, with
approximately half of the soda bottle outside and
half of the soda bottle inside, the device
manipulates the ultraviolet rays of the sun,
resulting in an omnidirectional light source.
• Easy to install and to realize is the key to

success of this product
• Solution last for around ten years
• Approx cost per Solar light bulb would be $1

Materials Required for a bulb
Solar Bulb

Tools required

• PET soda bottle

• Cutter Pliers

• Galvanized Iron (GI)

• Driller and screw driver

Rubber sealant
Bleach (Candeggina)
Filter Water

Preparation Process
Step 1

Step 2

• Cut approximately 9 x

• At the center of the GI

10 inches of GI sheet
(corrugated or flat)

sheet, draw 2 circles

Preparation Process
Step 3

• Cut the 1 cm difference

radially, making strips
and bend upwards,
perpendicular to the GI

Step 4

• Using sandpaper,

scratch the surface
around the upper third
portion of the soda
bottle where the GI
sheet will be placed, to
allow the rubber sealant
to stick better

Preparation Process
Step 5

• Insert the bottle into the

GI sheet until the upper
third. Apply rubber
sealant on the strips
above and around the
area below. Wait to dry



Geography (Social need)
Bottom of the Pyramid

Social Geography

• 4 billion out of 7 billion lie

• Large parts of Africa

in the zone of bottom of
pyramid of having basic
social needs.
• This product caters to the
lower section of the
bottom of the pyramid

• Large parts of rural India

and China
• Under-developed
countries in Asia and East
• Rural(Interior) parts of
Latin America (Brazil)

Electricity Penetration
(World Bank 2009)


% Penetration



Sub-Saharan Africa








Social Need

Required in...
• No access to electricity
• Little commercial incentive

for any distributor to provide
Low income families
connected to power grid
Not enough natural provision
for light to illuminate house
High population density
region (slums)
Remote locations
Frequent Power cuts

Cheaper cost of illumination
• Carbon free illumination
• To help moms to cook,
children to read and families
to live better
• light is life (exposure to light
increases vitamin D

Growing urge to be sustainable

Social Solutions
• Energy savings

• Reuse of plastic bottles that would be otherwise thrown

Saved money can be spent on nutrition or education
Education (lighting, Teacher Training)
Household safety
Job creation & Economic development

Standard Product
• Lamp would need either a battery or an electric generator.

• Photovoltaic panels, windmills would cost way too much
• Standard process required for installation(electrical wire,

electric meter, wires , transformer)
• Candles are cheap but used on a massive scale
increases chances to set fire to buildings-houses


Success Story
• 200,000 bottles installed in the first 5 months

• The target for 2012: installing 1,000,000
• Rapid development
from San Pedro Laguna
to the entire country

• High: minimum capital investment is required and skilled

manpower is not required...
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