Social Influences on Behavior Paper

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Social Influences on Behavior Paper

People behave differently according to the situations and surroundings in their environment. Associated Content (2007) states that, “Persuasion, obedience, and conformity are the different kind of social influences. Persuasion works to persuade people to change their attitudes and behaviors. Obedience is the form of change in behavior when commanded by a higher authority. Conformity is when the behavior changes due to indirect social behavior”. Most situations change because of social situations and this can began at a very young age. People normally change to fit into different social sittings. Some people will say they smoke when they really do not just to fit in and not feel like an outcast. Some people will experiment with drugs because they do not want to called names or feel like they are not cool. Teenage drinking is another social influence this can be brought on by peer pressure and even a lack of parenting. In this paper we will look at an overall view of the influences and behaviors on a social level.

Schools in Ohio did a survey to fully understand the influences of underage drinking. The survey advised the students to choose three factors that contribute to underage drinking. The study found that peer pressure to drink alcohol, attitude of indifference and poor role modeling; by adults were some of the top factors that the teens linked to underage drinking. “One of the top survey results was parents providing alcohol,” said Dawn Wilbur, coalition action committee chairwoman. “We need to get out to parents and older friends the consequences of providing alcohol.” (Bellefontaine Examiner, 2009)

Joe is a 16 year old who does not fit in at his new school. He has some low self esteem issues and parents really wanted to help. The new area is a party area and the parents in the area told Joe’s parents what the norm is in their community. His parents decided that hosting a party maybe a good way for him to meet...
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