Social Inequality and Race

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Sociology, White people Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: November 17, 2012

Social Inequality and Race
Markus Nehlsen
Megan Burke
April 21, 2012

Identified Group
To choose an ethnic or racial group which I belong to can be easy for those who see my physical appearance but it can be difficult for me to decide. The racial group I have always claimed and identified with is White non-Hispanic or Caucasian. To determine my particular ethnic group is unclear because I was adopted; however, I was raised by a German mother and Caucasian father, so I can categorize myself in with German-American ethnic group. As I take look at the choices I can best associate with, I believe the best selection for me is White non-Hispanic or Caucasian racial group. Interactions

It is difficult to pinpoint how races interact with each other. Historically in the past and present discrimination and prejudices have occurred against minority groups, like African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans. According to Eitzen (2000), the critical feature of the minority group's status is its inferior social position, in which its interests are not effectively represented in the political, economic, and social institutions of the society. In this viewpoint Whiteness is the normal or a natural condition. Eitzen (2000) further explains that this is a false picture of race. In reality, the racial order shapes the lives of all people, even Whites who are advantaged by the system. Just as social classes exist in relation to each other, races are defined, compared, and judged in relation to other races.

Social Inequalities
There are some people that will argue that social inequalities do exist because of race. Eitzen (2000) stated that the United States now faces serious new racial problems. These problems include the increasing isolation of minorities in central cities, growing minority unemployment, and other forms of economic dislocation. The American Prospect (2007) stated that poor African...
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