Social Inequality

Topics: United States, Racism, Sociology Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Two of the most significant kinds of inequality in US society today is “Racial Inequality and medical inequality

Racial inequality is still very much prevalent in the US which has a long history with skin color. The two primary racial groups, blacks and whites have dominated our social system despite the presence of other racial groups. History has shown the effects of discriminatory practices, which remain institutionalized in the U.S., as more and more people of color are denied access to compete for the limited rewards our society has to offer. Racial disparity is a reality in the US as daily reports of discriminatory actions continue to exclude racial minorities from the mainstream. Minority groups lack access to healthcare, adequate housing, educational opportunities and pass on to the next generation the overall effects of economic deprivation. Growing up I can remember being told that we were just as good as our white counterparts, my parents instilled in us that with hard word and dedication we could strive to be whatever we wanted to be and achieve the “American Dream”. I can also remember going on my senior trip in high school and being told in a city in Kentucky that they did not allow blacks to use their facilities (this was in 1979), and thinking that this was not what I was used to dealing with within the borders of Michigan. There I saw the American dream at its finest and until we address this issue at its core, I believe racial disparity will continue to affect all Americans.

Medical or healthcare inequality is another very serious issue plaguing America today. Socioeconomic status plays a significant role in determining the level of healthcare and those on the lower end of the spectrum are more often than not provided with lower levels of health care and insurance coverage. The level of insurance coverage plays a significant part in whether individuals on the lower levels of the socioeconomic ladder visit doctors or hospitals for...
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