Social Impact Analysis: Corporate History of Cognizant Technologies

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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Group: 1
Company: Cognizant
1. Suria Narayanan (PGDMB11/52)
2. Dhaval Gaur (PGDMB11/16)
3. Rathod Vatsal Suresh (PGDMB11/40)
Data Gathering:
1. Internet based search on several aspects of the company e.g. financials, mile-stones, marketing initiatives, major organization structure related changes, code of ethics, major announcements, mergers & acquisitions, CSR activities, profile of senior executives and their movements across companies, performance of the company in regard to the major developments in the market, blogs of employees about the company/company blog portal (if any), videos, media articles, credit agency ratings and audit reports etc. 2. Online as well as face-to-face surveys with company employees (present & past), share-traders, partners in CSR activities, vendors, family members of the employees (about the work-life balance in Cognizant of their spouse/parents). 3. Interview the HRs (past & present), corporate executives (past & present), major stake holders, competitors, employees (past & present). 4. Customer satisfaction ratings, employee satisfaction ratings, manager satisfaction ratings – all conducted by the company. Segmentation of Data:

1. Historical data
2. Financial data
3. Organizational data
4. Stake Holders related information
5. Corporate Social Responsibility related information
6. Information from competitors
7. Information from ex-employees
1. Financial Data:
a. Share price movement
b. Annual reports
c. Company performance in major financial developments in the IT field d. Growth rates of the company in several aspects.
e. Share holders survey analysis

2. Organizational Data:
f. Organization:
i. Major changes in structure
ii. Mergers & acquisitions
iii. Changes in Board/higher-up management
iv. Growth of the organization (vertical &...
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