Social Ills

Topics: Drug addiction, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 9 (3303 words) Published: February 19, 2011
4th June 1981, people throughout the world have been surprised with the presence of new virus which is known as HIV. Although the virus has killed about millions of people in this world, scientists still cannot find any vaccine to treat this problem. However, how many of us are trying to find the vaccine for the virus of social ills, although it has been spread widely since hundred years ago? It is possible if we have found the vaccine for social ills before the black day, 4th June 1981; the HIV virus may not spread throughout this world. This is because the HIV virus had been firstly detected from a couple of homosexual in America. A popular saying goes, “it is as well to know which ways the wind blows,” as it is better to know first the causes of the social ills before we eagerly take precautions steps. From my view, lack of religious education among Malaysians is the underlying factor for this problem as we knew that none of the religions in this world asks their followers to be a bad person. It is important to give religious education to our children as early as 3 or 4 years old as there goes a saying, “spare the rod and spoil the child,” the children who are never been disciplined will grow up to be bad. It is definitely wrong if modernism parents think that religious education is not important in order to create a shining future for their children as religious education is like a barrier in their heart to prevent them from doing something bad such as playing truant. Other than that, it is believed that family crisis is one of the main factors for the disease. The children will be so depressed with the problem and they will do ‘something’ to release their tension. Majority parents from this kind of family are usually not taking care much on their children’s situation as they are more preferring to solve their own problems. The children felt free to do anything without parental concerned such as clubbing and racing. This is not good for them as they may meet more bad companies that can lead them to worst social problems. Last but not least, this problem is also caused by the peer factor. In 24 hours a day, the children spent their time more with their peers than with others and that is why peers have great influence in the children’s behavior. As teenagers are too young, sometimes they cannot consider their decision correctly. They will follow all their peers’ behavior even they know their peers are not good ones as they think that their peers will exclude them if they do not follow what their peers do. To round off, the social ills in Malaysia are getting worse to worst nowadays. As you can see here, I keep focusing on children and teenagers in Malaysia as the number of social ills is gradually increasing among them. We, as the future leader of our mother land should take all the necessary steps to solve this problem. It is our responsibility to produce the free-social-ills-next-generation. Remember, “Preventing is better than cure”.

In the old days, teenagers played a secondary role in the society. They never assumed any responsibility nor was it offered. The elders usually played all the important roles and the youth was made legally responsible only after they attained certain age. In many matters, the decision of the elders was final.

Today's teenagers, in general, have the right to obtain education. In my opinion, only the educations can increase the literacy among the teenagers and hence teenagers will have a wider range of communication. Why does communication seem to be so important? For your information, by communicating with others, we can actually exchange our ideas with them. Isn't good for us? On the contrary, if we do not obtain education, we definitely cannot communicate well with others. This will lead to misunderstanding which subsequently leads to quarrels or even wars. Hence, teenagers have the responsibility to study and complete their given...
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