Social Identities

Topics: Nursing, Interpersonal relationship, Sociology Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Alexandra Johnson
Self Analysis Essay
March 6th, 2013
Communications 130

Social identity is an important factor in everyone’s life. How we form our own self-identity is based off one’s race, class, ethnicity, profession, gender, religion, family, etc. How we choose to adapt to our environment and develop our own sense of self is the important question here. I intend to discuss the main points of my own identity and how being a Philippino-American women working as Surgical Assistant I have found myself on this life path.

My ethnicity is Philippino and American, my mother is Phillipno and my father is Caucasian. I find that because my mother raised me I identified with that culture and ethnicity more than the Caucasian side. It is has been this very culture that has guided me into the health care profession. My mother was born in the Philippines and it was a trend for the women there to want to become Nurses in order to come to America and this became my mother’s goal. Unfortunately, she was never able to fully reach this goal and as she raised me she has encouraged me to go become a nurse and this is how I believe I found myself working in the medical field.

I started working in the medical field in 2000 as a Medical Assistant and have gone for further schooling to become a Surgical Assistant. I have found that being half Philippino has made it easier to relate to the Philippino Nurses that I work with, as well the nurses have taken to me more than other coworkers. Connecting myself with the Philippino ethnicity has helped me achieve the status I have at work and it seems like I will be more supported by my coworkers in achieving my goal of becoming a nurse.

When I first started my new career as a Surgical Assistant in August no one knew that I was half Philippino and everyone assumed I was from a Latin decent. The Philipino Nurses did not talk to me as much and did not invite me to their potlucks; the communication with...
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