Social Generation

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Of Social Changes And Today’s Generation
The modern definition for the term generation subsumes a group of individuals born around the same time and sharing formative experiences. Time passes and generations replace each other, and each has its own features. Many anthropologists, historians, and social scientists have dedicated their career in defining the concept of generation. The significance of conceptualizing generation specifies that the present generation is a reflection of social change over time, a way to identify the contrasts within social groups, and the method of accessing information to the world around us.

To begin with, anthropologists and social scientists may often refer to today’s generation as Generation X, Generation Y, or Generation Z. Metaphorically, however, the better name that can be applied is media generation. Media has influenced people’s social lives so much; technological advances greatly attributed to a major social change. Not only did it make work generally easier but it has also helped society shape and mold future cultures. A generation without media access today is like a forest with no trees.

Next, a social group without media access is one way to identify a different characteristic to a modern social group today. For instance, if a social group uses no media during interaction, it can be considered as old-fashioned and just out of trend. The only way the group can interact is to get together in one place at the same schedule, which obviously takes more time and labor. On the other hand, a modern social group normally has access to media. For example, it uses the Internet to have interaction within the members of the group, creating an online communication and interactive network. This stresses the booming of media generation today.

Last but not least, there is the formation of media generation today. How is it different from the ‘other’ generations? For one thing, it helps us to access information to...
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