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Social Factor Motivating Drug Use

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Social Factor Motivating Drug Use

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Literature Review
The first article is titled Family Matters: Substance Abuse and The American Family A CASA (The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse) White Paper and dates April 2005. The final outcome of more than a decade of profound research and scores of field findings have shown such data: the way to a drug-free society is through children. The main objective of the intense policy research was to find out the interrelation between substance abuse and American families. The main issues were subject to investigation, in particular all the characteristics that impact children’s risk of abusing the well-known substances; what parents can do to lower the risk of their children for developing unnecessary substance addiction; how parents can track abuse by their offsprings and what actions to take when trying to reveal that; and, finally, the impact of substance abuse on the average family, like divorce, abuse by one of the family members; teen pregnancy, and juvenile offence. According to numerous independent research, together with the opinion of professionals taking part in CASA’s 2004 CASACONFERENCE, called Family Matters: Substance Abuse and The American Family such an information was noted: the biggest impact on teenagers is in their own families. Statistics show that parental substance abuse augments the incidence of family divorce, violence, problems pertaining to money and exposure to illegal actions. It was found that children of parents (or other close family members) who smoke and abuse are more likely to do the same in the future. Chemical dependency is both a psychological and physical aspiration to use alcohol or other addictive substances. The specific feature of such a dependency lies in difficulties to put it down even when facing negative results. This is a chronic disease (meaning that once developed, it will stay for life) with psychosocial, genetic, and environmental factors that exert its further development and...

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