Social Entepreneurship

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The First Step: Finding Your Truest Self

Chapter Five: Bold as a Career Choice


ruly getting to know yourself is a challenging (and lifelong) process. One of the most powerful ways to jumpstart this effort, especially while you are young, is to take risks and test yourself, being aware of what works, what feels right, and what doesn’t. Asking a lot of questions of yourself is a wonderful way to understand

and check in with yourself. For example, “What excites me? What are my particular talents? What lessons did I learn from that experience?” Being reflective requires you to analyze your motives and actions, strategize and plan your next steps, and seek honest input and feedback from peers, family members, and mentors. It’s an intense process but a worthwhile one. Reflection can reveal what makes you happy, help you understand how you see yourself, and allow you to envision your place in the world. To get started, answer the following: 1. What does your “hair down/shoes off” self look like? What are you doing during these moments?

2. What actions have you taken in your life that best reflect what’s meaningful to you? Why were they meaningful?


3. What do you do that makes you feel most alive?

Chapter Five: Bold as a Career Choice

4. If you had one word tattooed on your body, what would it be and why?

Your Inspiration: Moment of Obligation
A moment of obligation entails committing to what means the most to you and accepting responsibility for your dreams. Whether you recognize it now or not, you have likely experienced moments of obligation but may have not acted on them. No one can know better than you what you want, but too often, fear, pride, and the expectations of other people get in the way. Learn to trust yourself, your instincts, and your feelings as you begin to think about and navigate your career path. Answering these questions will help. 1. What truly inspires you? What are you drawn toward? What moves you? Get very, very specific. (You can list a social issue, task, role, emotion, or something else.)


2. How do you know these things inspire/draw/move you? What happens?

Chapter Five: Bold as a Career Choice

3. Whom have you learned the most from? Why are these people your most influential teachers? What have they taught you?

4. Trace the decisions you made in your life that have led you to where you are today.


5. Now think about these decisions as possible moments of obligation. Does that change the way you see them? If so, in what ways?

Chapter Five: Bold as a Career Choice

6. Describe your most significant moment of obligation. How do you know it was a moment of obligation?

7. As you think about a possible role for yourself in the nonprofit sector, think about what inspires/draws/moves you. How might that link to your career or your next job?


Larger Than Life: Gall to Think Big
When you have the gall to think big, you aren’t afraid to go for it. Big problems in the world don’t scare you. Rather, they motivate you. You are confident, solution oriented, and strategic as you tackle large issues. You operate beyond others’ expectations of you and rely on your own internal compass to drive you forward. Most important, you understand that you are part of something larger than yourself. Answering these questions will help you think of your career as a way to take on big issues and problems about which you care deeply. 1. Which social movements, from today or from any point in history, resonate the most with you? Why? Have you been involved in any work that you would define as part of a social movement?

Chapter Five: Bold as a Career Choice

2. If your career (in its entirety—think long term) allowed you to tackle a few big problems in the world (e.g., educational inequity, poverty), what would they be?

3. As a change maker, write down your most ambitious goal. How would you begin achieving this goal?


4. What would the world look...
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