Social-Economical Status 2012

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Social/Economical Status 2012

The Census Bureau released current data in regards to poverty, income and health care for the last year. In the article, “Motherlode-Adventures in Parenting” published in the NY Times, September 26, 2012, it reads a headline stating “When Parents Can’t Enroll in Medicaid, Children Stay Uninsured.” The article claims that overall poverty remains at the highest level we’ve seen for the past three years, with the effects of such being particularly bleak for children. 15% of Americans and 1 in 5 children live in poverty. The lack of insurance plays a huge role in this factor. The article expresses a legitimate concern because we have programs in our nation that give low-income children access to health care through Medicaid and CHIP. Yet somehow 2.23 million children living in poverty remain uninsured. This may be due to the amount of hoops one must jump through in order to get enrolled. But failing to insure a child could have serious consequences for their health. Low-income children were supposed to be the recipients of health insurance once the Affordable Health Care Act is fully implemented. But several factors indicate that the program will not have much impact. The Supreme Court guaranteed that states would expand Medicaid programs but several state governors refused the expansion and it is very possible that others will do the same. We are not certain how the Affordable Health Care Act will play out and observing our current situation suggests that theory is not reality. While some states are using the appropriated funds for their intended purpose, the uninsured remains a problem. This could be in part by low-level outreach programs and ease of enrollment. Massachusetts has managed to put health care reform to good use and succeeded in cutting the uninsured in half, so it is an not entirely hopeless situation but an important one nonetheless. The article submitted contained live-links to their respective websites,...
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