Social Diversity in Africa

Topics: Culture, Africa, Globalization Pages: 3 (639 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Unit 4 IP Social Diversity
HUMA215-120 4B-10 Topics In Cultural Studies
Africa and Westernization
Kendra Harris
October 28, 2012
American Intercontinental University

Africa was fist modernized by the Arabs, who first settled in North Africa; whereas West Africa is where Islam was introduced and the transformation of culture and civilization started in the region before the Europeans imposed their ways of culture and civilization on Africa (

East Africa civilizations had already had interactions with other civilizations in which the Arab influence with East Africa was just as durable there as it was within West Africa.
Chaka (1786-1828) was the leader of the Zulu nation which had diversity over a large part of South Africa which constituted change within the society, which was the same for other societies by Ashanti hegemony which was implemented within close societies and civilizations that were impacted due to change of culture and imperialism that was a restructure of the conformity with the societies impacted for the New World (Sayre, 2010).

There is a difference between the process of modernization and change within the 21st century from agrarian to an industrial technological people; whereas Westernization is synonymous to modernization when it comes to the effects that it had on West Africa (

The Westernization within Africa implied the European Colonial structure and the Atlantic Slave Trade which basically forced this culture into the New World by the 18th century which shows the Western culture assimilation by Africa, the process later cultivated the diaspora Africans were introduced to Westernization through Education and Christian Evangelization (Garret, 1998).

Africans were thought of as savages who had no religion; whereas Europeans believed that the African beliefs were worthless, godless, and dark and deadly where their cultures needed to be stripped away through trade...
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