Social Development Research

Topics: Developmental psychology, Theory, Explanation Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: October 15, 2011
Social Development
Echo Norberg

There are issues of social development in adulthood that has changed from years ago until now. There have been different theories that explain the classic theories of adulthood development to the most recent theories of adulthood development. Finding a good article to learn about social development in adulthood, which is credible, can be hard unless you use a library that would have this information. The article that I am writing about has made it easier to understand adulthood social development and the issues that occur. The article that I am going to write about is Adulthood and Aging: Social Processes and Development. This article has positive and negative theories on the social development in adulthood. This article explains social development in adulthood very well. In the article it discusses what Erikson (1982), Levinson (1978), Valliant (1977), Neugarten (1968), Riley, Kahn, Foner, (1394), and Carstensen (1993) had to say about their theories of social development in adulthood. This article explains the old and recent theories of adulthood, myths of adulthood social development, changing family roles, and developmental challenges facing adulthood.

If I were to write a research paper about social development in adulthood, I would use this article as my research for the information needed to use for my research paper. This article has a lot of information that would be good to use in my paper. It has from what issues that adulthood brings and has theories that give a better outlook of adulthood from years ago until now. This article tells everyone that the midlife crisis and what people would go through in this situation is all a myth. That parent does not feel depressed or despair when the last child moves out but that the parent feel “successfully launched.” This article has some very good points about adulthood social development and I have learned so much from this article that if I were...
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