Social Development Research

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Midlife Crisis & Social Development
Social Development Research

Sean D Millett

The credible article from the University library I selected was The Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, by McFadden, Joan R; Rawson Swan, Kay T. I selected this article, because it shows the changes in health and family roles that can lead to increased stress and/or depression or alternatively to feelings of well-being ultimately resulting in a midlife crisis. In the article the authors suggest that there is a need for "life transition" courses for women who are interested in understanding how to improve their health and well-being. The actual midlife crisis starts in order to establish the suggested changes needed to create a healthy life style. The study describes the midlife crisis process for woman as a life transition that must occur. I personally agree with both authors that a midlife crisis is not just an episode but the body’s way of reconnecting with is social advancements. For example a woman who is raised as if she was a catholic nun will more than likely experience a midlife crisis were she breaks the pattern to evolve into what is consider social acceptable in today’s time. Although I do not believe this study could stand alone. If I was to research the relation between a necessary midlife crisis in order to develop socially, I would have to obtain multiple resources. Despite my personal belief that this information seems to be presented in a non-biased credible manner I would need to collaborate with different source in order to establish fully credibility. Although I do believe this article would be helpful in researching a midlife crisis.
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