Social/Cultural Impact of Integrated Resorts Singapore

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  • Published : July 10, 2011
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Singapore has been well known for its multi-racial society. With the opening of the Integrated Resorts (IRs) in Singapore, has led this multi-racial society to a greater level. By bringing people from a wide variety of places and cultures together, visitors and locals learn about each other, their differences, and their similarities and create mutual understanding. They also become aware of new tastes and ways of thinkingrated Resorts brings worries to the locals, hence, as a social safeguard to combat excessive gambling, the gambling levy was put in place, together with the setting up of the National Council on Problem Gambling and measures such as ‘casino exclusion’, to stop problem gamblers and those in financial difficulties from entering the casinos in Singapore.

Several groups, including the Muslim and Christian communities and social activists, expressed their disapproval to the casinos. Many worries over the negative social impact of casino gambling as well as opening of doors to undesirable activities including money laundering, prostitution, and organized crime. In addition, newcomers or visitors to Singapore may cause problems owing to overcrowding or by bringing unfamiliar behaviors. Another social ill that sometimes occurs with the development of tourism is a decline in the moral conduct of the local people. Already, the crimes are rolling in along with the chips that the casino is raking in. A 53-year-old taxi driver, Loo Siew Wan, was charged late last month for impersonation, theft, and giving false information to the police. The driver managed to enter the RWS casino – in spite of an exclusion order – by stealing and using his brother’s driving license, casting doubt on the effectiveness of the measures put in place by the authorities. Loo was only caught after he allegedly tried to cheat a casino dealer on duty at a baccarat table by placing a bet of two 100 Singapore dollar (71 U.S. dollar) chips after the result...
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