Social Control

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  • Published : December 12, 2011
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Through the existence of social control many groups of people learned to interact with and influence ones behavior through mechanisms of a formal or informal responses to a situation. Social control is implemented from birth and can be seen throughout life. Social control is implemented everyday in work and at home. Without social control the structure and rule of society would disintegrate.

In everyday life examples of social control are seen. For example when a child has committed or partaken in an action which is known as disobedient a parent then would implement a form of social control by scowling or giving a look of disapproval. This scenario is seen as a perfect example of social control. Informal social control is known as actions the deal with interpersonal relationships between two people to communicate If someone’s behavior upsets or pleases them. This can be communicated through a variety if of aspects from facial expressions to scolding or in contrast smiling and laughter.

This can always be seen in families or other social cultures where relations have been built and one persons behavior is due to change based on judgment from love ones or someone that has an attachment emotionally and who’s input regardless of the extent would hold a certain amount of significance. Informal social control is usually proven to work because when a persons behavior is judged by a love one as impropriate it would be likely to change to prevent being viewed in a negative light by love ones. One of the oldest measures of informal social control is physical force. Physical force has always been proven as successful measure because it leave s no room for non confrontational resolution. Though this measure has proven itself successful it is rarely implemented because it goes against the rules of civilization in society.

The use of social control mechanisms alternates depending on the environment and interpersonal relationships. Formal social control can be seen as...
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