Social Control

Topics: Sociology, Anomie, Social philosophy Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Social control has been around ever since humans began banding together and forming societies. The creation of societies demanded that in order for this organization to run properly, it needed to control the masses. If it didn’t, there would be chaos. Social control is the mechanism that monitors behavior and penalizes the violation of norms. Societies enforced these laws with external and internal social controls. External controls are societal mechanisms that monitor people’s behaviors. These controls reward group conformity and punish those who don’t. An example of external control is laws. Laws are meant to be followed and those who don’t will be punished accordingly. Internal social controls are internalized. Internalized social control is the strongest control one can have over people. This control governs our actions whether people are watching or not. This is the cop in our minds. An example would be religion and culture. Deviance is the occurrence of purposely defying these norms and standards. I choose deviance because the world alone has a negative connotation but deviance can be a good thing. Deviance varies among cultures. Different cultures have different societal norms and these norms determine whether or not something is considered deviant. Deviance is only relevant when others perceive you to be deviant. I remember watching a homeless man pester everyone who walked by for some change. Some people walked right by him without acknowledging him and others would simply nod their heads no. This man is considered a deviant in our society because he rejects what our culture has prescribed into our beliefs; capitalism. Capitalism is our goal in life, to climb up the ladder of success through hard work and school. This man is doing neither and is rebelling against our very system. On the other hand, if this man was a young gangster who covered himself in bling and rode around in a fancy caddalic, there would still be this stigma attached to his wealth...
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