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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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The impact of the air transport industry is not just a result of the economic activity it generates or facilitates. Air transport also contributes to people’s quality of life in a number of other ways that are not captured in standard economic indicators: for example, by contributing to sustainable development, supporting remote communities and widening consumer choice.

Air Asia contributes to sustainable development
It makes a major contribution to sustainable development by supporting and promoting international tourism. Tourism helps reduce poverty by generating, providing employment opportunities, increasing tax collection and conservation of protected areas and the environment. In effect, protecting the environment attracts tourism and the development of the tourism industry, which in turn makes it possible to finance the protection of the nature and cultural heritage, thereby increasing the benefits of protected areas to the country. Moreover, the promotion of nature-based tourism is an effective lobbying tool that favours nature conservation over non-sustainable agricultural activities. It can also increase the sense of ownership and responsibility for natural resources, among local communities.

Air Asia contributes to consumer welfare
It increases understanding of different cultures and nationalities which facilitates closer international integration. I improves living standard by widening choices : cheaper and more frequent access to air travel has increased the range of potential holiday destinations.

Air Asia delivers humanitarian aid
It play an essential role in humanitarian assistance to countries facing natural disasters, famine and war through cargo deliveries, refugee transfers or the evacuation of people trapped by natural disasters. Humanitarian assistance in such circumstances can only be delivered rapidly to those in need through the use of airports and air services. In certain circumstances...
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