Social Construction; Serial Killers

Topics: Sociology, Criminology, Crime Pages: 4 (1438 words) Published: February 9, 2011
Social construction; serial killers

Kaplan University
Professor Ayers
Madeline Michell

“Social science theory can be very complicated, and this gives rise to much disagreement. Nevertheless, theory is important, and sociologists and criminologists have made great strides in their analyses of criminal behavior and other aspects of criminal justice systems.” (Akers and Sellers_ Pg-97, Explanations of Criminal Behavior, 2003). Study of our theories in our present society, has improved in technology and science. This action has thrust the study of crime into a new division. While the current study of crime goes back to earlier years, these improvements have put crime data and the study of it into While the actual study of crime dates back to earlier decades, these advances have put crime data and the study of it into the forefront of our society. Criminologists devote their life to assessing, comprehending, restraining, and helping lawmakers to prevent criminal and deviant acts. In this essay I will address the multifarious social construction theories that today’s criminal justice system utilize to control and prevent criminals such as serial killers from committing their crimes.

“These consist of the social structure, social class, social process, neutralization, social control, and labeling theories” (Siegel, 2007). Not all criminal acts are deviant, and also all deviant acts are not criminal. Serial killers with the nature of their crimes cross both categories due to the violence associated with the crimes, the recidivism of the crimes, and the deviant nature of most serial killers even though the specific deviance varies per killer. These can include but are not limited to cannibalism, dismemberment, necrophilia, and sadism. Criminological Theories that began in the mid 1800’s have been developed and tested over time. With each new advance in technology, the methods of testing these theories become more exact. Social theory...
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