Social Construction and Inequality

Topics: Gender, Gender studies, Sociology Pages: 4 (1700 words) Published: May 28, 2013
April. 20. 2013
Women studies: intro to gender and woman studies

Social construction and Gender inequality
Why do some people, including myself, find it hard to fit into societies constantly enforced norms? Many of us blame ourselves, but I believe it's just the idea of social construction which, plays a big role in our everyday lives. From elementary till now I’ve always had this sense that I don’t fit in, my looks, my skin color, my body size, just everything was different about me compared to my classmates. My nationalities are mixed but of course I was seen as the only African American. I was teased and bullied because I wasn't thin, skinny or “pretty” like all the other girls. My social construction mostly took place in the public schools I went to, where my thoughts about myself were created by the words and thoughts of others. I would come home crying everyday because even though nobody knew me they all judged me. I'd always write theses dark poems about what how would life be if I weren't even born or if I committed suicide. Till this day my parents don't even know the battles I was facing with myself and others, I knew if I talked to them or showed them my poems they would be upset at me instead of the people who caused my depression and pain. Social construction continues to expand in our society and is affecting the minds and bodies of many. Inequality, gender, and discrimination are nothing but social constructs. Where our ideas about one another is formed based upon our differences in society. Gender I something we do, not have. It is from the very day we are born that we are already assigned a certain gender where our physical body type is determined to be either male or female. Which leads me to the process of gender construction. Gender construction begins with being assigned to a specific sex at birth by the appearance of your genitalia. When I was born of course I was given the assigned sex of female. I Had asked my mom what was...
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