Social Conflict Agains Female Genital Mutilation

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  • Published : October 28, 2010
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As Americans, in our society, we look at thermo circumcision as almost a crime, not a social norm that we are accustomed to in everyday life. This is a practice used in many cultures, but here, in the society we live in today we consider it Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Today, we have laws passed against the circumcision of females due to the damage caused. FGM is the removal of the female clitoris, which is removing the whole female organ, not just merely cutting skin. I look at this as abuse to females, where in other places of the world it is being done to children, with the willing consent of their parents due to religious reasons of their countries. In African countries, this is done in the early years of a young females life because it is believed that the cutting off of the clitoris shows that woman are insignificant and they do not deserve pleasure because pleasure is solely deserved by men. In certain parts of Indonesia, this circumcision is performed as an infant because it is said that if a female urinates while her clitoris is still attached it will make her “unclean” for her life, and if a woman is “unclean” her prayers will not be answered. In the Muslim Quran (Koran) it is stated that that the Muslim prophet Mohammed says to a female surgeon not to cut too much of the females clitoris during the circumcision because it is better for the women and more pleasurable for the man. This shows that in their society, their prophet was still allowing this surgery to take place, he was merely asking less to be cut off, yet still mostly for the purpose of the male’s pleasure. There is also instances, where it is common in most other countries, that this will be performed because they feel it keeps the “purity” of the female, and that this way she cannot receive sexual pleasure until marriage, which also disproves itself because after the is performed you cannot receive sexual pleasure for the rest of your life. That leads me to wonder exactly how...
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