Social Conflict

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Taylor Castro
Sociology 185
Fall 2012

Final Analysis Paper
Evaluating the social problem of Urban Life threw the three theoretical perspective, Structural Functionalist, Symbolic-Interaction Analysis, and Social- Conflict Analysis. The main contribution of Structural Functionalist theory to our understanding of cities is the concept of urbanism. Urbanism is the characteristic way of inhabitants of towns and cities (urban areas) with the built environment or, in other words the character of urban life, organization, problems ect. As well the study of that way or the physical needs of Urban societies or city planning urbanism is also a movement of the population to urban areas (urbanization/ urban sprawl) or its concentration in them (degree of urbanization). Symbolic-Interaction Analysis, experiencing the city. On a micro-level, the reality of city living is a matter of personal experiences. How do people socially construct reality in the city? “The sights, sound, and smell of city life- not to mention the vast number of people all combine to overwhelm the sense.” the average person in todays society is exposed to 5,000 adds a day. With that all being said the symbolic- interactions analysis, can me basis. Then considering the Social-Conflict theory, cities and inequality. The problem is how social stratification (society’s system of ranking categories of people in a hierarchy) in the United States shapes in the city and urban life. For example you’ll have the major, city board then your general public. All of this is made possible by urban-sprawl. Urban-Sprawl, (controlled or planned expansion of urban areas) I agree with the urban-sprawl. It is allowing people to expand/escape from the big or over crowded cities. With out urban sprawl i wouldn’t have been born and raised where I was (Palm Springs). With urban sprawl comes a domino effect with helping the community and economy. When building new areas it allows for new or more business, which in-tales...
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