Social Cognition - Psychology

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Term Paper: Social Cognition

Table of Contents:
Social Cognition: A science
The psychological definitions
Breakdown of social psychology
Relations to other corresponding theories
The theory of social cognition
Incorporating stereotypes
Cultural social cognition
Holistic thinking
Social cognitive neuroscience
A personality in jeopardy

Social Cognition

Social cognition is the encoding, storage, retrieval, and processing, of information in the brain. It is a process that is generalized within a species, and relates to members of the same species. At one time social cognition referred specifically to an approach to social psychology in which these processes were studied according to the methods of cognitive psychology and information processing theory. However, the term has come to be more widely used across psychology and cognitive neuroscience. For example, it is used to refer to various social abilities disrupted in autism and other disorders. In cognitive neuroscience, the basis of social cognition is investigated on a biological level. Developmental psychologists study the development of social cognition abilities. The theory of social cognition came about during the 1960-1970’s with the rise of cognitive psychology. The idea about it is that information being processed in the brain is presented as stereotypes or attributions. In the field of psychology it is the process itself that is in focus. Traditional social psychology studies beliefs and desires, while mainstream psychology is dominated by behaviorism. This may have been a more direct approach to diagnosing or treating patients of a psychologist. A notable theory of social cognition is the social schema theory, which includes ideas of stereotyping. A social schema is the organization of thoughts, reactions or behaviors. It is a mental structure of perceived ideas, a framework representing some aspects of the world. Schemata (the plural for schema) are used to set up a...
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