Social Change

Topics: Sociology, Sociocultural evolution, Social change Pages: 4 (1299 words) Published: May 9, 2013
KABBS are the acronym for the Knowledge, Attitude, Beliefs and Behaviors. This theory has been created by Donna Garske (The Theorist). Firstly, people will start with the knowledge about the issue. After that they will had the attitudes changes according on the issue and their beliefs also will be formed. The final stage is, it will lead to the development behaviors on how they are deal with the issue. After they are faced these four steps, the society will achieve social change. The theory of social change is representing the shifting of societal norms. This is means the whole society had adopted and they are applied a different and new way of thinking and also behavior.

The way of how social changes are react are more clear while the trip to the orphanage home. What I can see, firstly the we as the students and visitor try to gain the knowledge about the orphan and the children there. When we get the knowledge we are more know how to react towards the children. Besides, we can be closer with the children. This is because we already know how the way to adapt with children so it is the second stage in the social change theory.

After that, we also had the belief about the issue. Our beliefs about the children are lack of love and concern from their own family are developing. This is the third stage in the social change theory. We tried as much we can to treat the children like we are treat our own family. In the easier way we tried to be a part of the children. After that, we also believe we can give the support to the children from the emotional aspect and give some concern towards them.

Finally, we had the undergo the development of behaviors. We ensure we can adapt how the children’s ways. We as the students or brothers and sisters there showered our love and tried to show our cared to the children. We also tried to get closer with the children after that we tried giving some advice and love. The four steps in social change theories...
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