Social Care

Topics: Hygiene, Choice, Preference Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Reflective account describing

How your personal preferences, attitude, heritage and beliefs might impact on working practices. How to ensure that your own practices is inclusive and respect the belief’s, culture‘s ,value’s, an preference’s of individuals.

I have read all my Code Of Practices, policies and procedures are very important and will show my employer how I work to these guide lines. all my mandatory training is up to date, extra training is always regularly up dated, I also understand my main duties and responsibilities of my own job description, so I can carry out my job role to a high quality standard. Thankfully we are all very different, but how ever in my work I cannot allow any of my previous experiences, personal attitudes and beliefs to influence me in the way I support my service user’s. I also take a good look at myself and evaluate the effectiveness of my work, taking into consideration the views of service users I support, I think this is important so I can make changes to how I work that lead to continuous improvements in the way I provide my job role.

I have been in care work now for a period of 30 years and have supported service users with an arrange of different individual needs, and gained a lot of experience on the way, I feel that no matter what other service users beliefs, preferences, religions or values are I am here to support each service user as an individual.

In the centre I work in, I have a service user who I support daily, we have made a bond together and trust has built up over time, we shall name service user E for confidential reasons, Service user E lives at home with mum and this is service user E’s choice to live at home and try to live a independent lifestyle as possible, due to mums health deterioration over the last few months, (which needs support herself) this has lead service user E having to self care or occasionally getting support in. Due to all this happening occasionally service user E will...
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