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Social Care

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Name: Daryl Walshe
Student Number: C00175033
Assignment: Social Care
Lecturer: Ms Geraldine Maughan
Course: Applied Social Studies
Year: 2012/2013

In the area of social care, choose a client group (service user) from any sector, i.e. disability, child protection, the elderly etc. And mention the relevant legal frameworks for your chosen client group. Demonstrate an understanding of the client’s needs and how you would use a client centred, rights and equity based approach to social care work. Include in your answer the value of a multi-disciplinary / multi-agency approach to intervention.

Social Care has been defined as follows by IASCE- the Irish association of social care educators- as: ‘a profession committed to the planning and delivery of quality care and other support services for individuals and groups with identified needs.’ ( My chosen client group for the purpose of this assignment is the disability sector. It is crucial when dealing with any client group from any sector that you follow the legal frameworks established and the code of ethics laid down. This ensures that the service user is receiving the highest level of care from a registered, trained professional. All social care workers have a duty of care to their service users. This entails that the social care worker, must aid in the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social and moral wellbeing of the individual service user. The social care worker must also make every effort to inform the service user of the nature and the purpose of the care given at any time. The rights and dignity of the service user must always be upheld by the social care worker at all times. The social care worker must also possess admirable qualities suited to the job such as being reliable, trustworthy, honest and dependable. The social care worker must always be presented in a professional manner as it is a reflection of the care provided to the service user....

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