Social Capital & Collaboration 2.0

Topics: Problem solving, Decision making, Internet Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: March 13, 2013
  An enterprise need to rely on  social capital ways to communicate effectively and efficiently. Earning  trust  among organization including libraries to maintain good reputation’s is essential for  its existence. Gaining respect of other people using social networks is big topic which is called social capital that is widely spread in 1990  when internet founded.                      In my opinion,  social capital with adopting collaboration 2.0  technology such as social networking platforms can facilitate, advertise, and speed the group decision making process. Social networking are important to facilitate enterprise collaboration and its communication and  to spread products and information services. It helps in business group decision making, assist individuals  whom working collaboratively, work with business partners, solve complex problems and exploit professional opportunities.   

                    The activity for social capital is when  individuals, groups or organizations are working together. It encompasses sequence of connections, communication, discussion, search for information, asking questions, collecting answers, generating ideas, and solving problems in order to accomplish activity  or one goal.                        I think organization must go beyond the traditional collaboration 1.0 such as (E-mail, text messages), to new trend social capital and collaboration 2.0 (RSS feeds, Micro blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, …etc.).                     I believe that an organization using social capital and collaboration 2.0 services can bridge  the gaps of 1)Distance where everyone can access and contribute equally. 2)asynchronous communication in different world time zones. 3) Synchronous communication that allows video/audio instant messaging, and phone conversations. 4) Distributed computing like save information in a cloud computing. 5) Share social calendars to share project in an a schedule. 6)Social bookmarking services like...
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