Social Bullying

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“Bullying: The Legal Crime”
Bullying has not only ruined the lives of victims, but the bullies themselves too. Students all over the world are verbally and physically assaulted by their peers every day. At school, bullies rip their victim's self-esteem to shreds while theirs is sky high. While bullying is seemingly impossible to defeat, it can be overturned. This is possible if parents get involved, students are taught how to identify and stop bullying, and if individuals stand up and support the victims. These many solutions will most definitely bring bullying to its demise. Bullies

Bullies have been around for quite a while.People never know what to do about them. Bullies can either be young kids at a school or grown-ups at work. Some bullies beat up younger or weaker kids, because they either want their money or just for fun. Kids never know what to do when a bully comes up to them. Kids either cry or get sad, but never stand up for themselves. If I ever got picked on by a bully I would be sad and angry.It hurts to get your feelings broken or when you don’t fit in.You feel terrible.You would feel very sad if you were very sencitive.My feelings would be torn apart if a bully ever picked on me. Well, the first thing you should do is tell him/her to stop bothering you. By doing this, it may help cool things off for a while.

It is sometimes quite difficult to understand why one person causes a lot of mental and physical suffering on another. Well, there are many reasons behind this, which have been discussed in quite a few forums. When this kind of harassment happens in a school or a college, it could be referred to as bullying – an issue that can sometimes prove to be fatal too. Therefore, if you have decided to write about this phenomenon or in short, a bullying essay, remember that you can bring in quite a few aspects of this social problem.  

Bullying essay
Bullying seems to be one act that crosses all barriers of caste, ethnic origin or sex. It is...
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