Social and Cultural Views of Healthy and Unhealthy Human Sexuality

Topics: Gender, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Sexuality is define as the capacity of derive pleasure from all forms of sexual activity and behavior particularly from sexual intercourse. Sexuality is aspects of sexual behavior including gender identity, orientation, attitudes, and activity (APA dictionary, 2007). There is an enormous difference among societies and cultures in what people think about men and women. Today's society people still hold double standards for men and women when it comes to employment, relationship commitments, and even the upbringing of children. Even after women won the right to vote, to hold the same employment opportunities, and receive the same education opportunities. Today society still see certain jobs as a male job or even a female job an example of this would be construction jobs are seen as male employment where child care worker are seen for females. This lead to a hidden discrimination based on sex that the majority of society is aware about but feels it is all right. From a social perspective, the male has always been the person who went to work and provided for the family but due to the economic changes and the opportunities woman now have the female hold employment that equal or succeed the male income earnings. Female’s sexuality includes issues pertaining sex, body image, self-esteem, personality. Sexuality varies across the cultures and regions of the world, and has continually changed throughout history, and this applies equally to female sexuality. Sexual selection is defined as the theoretical mechanism for the evolution of anatomical and behavioral differences between males and females based on the selection of mates (APA dictionary, 2007). In today society the difference become noticeable base on the sexuality of the person you chose as a mate. In addition to that person race, religion and social economic status within the community. Over the years, numerous studies have investigated the prevalence of acceptance and...
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