Social and Cultural Factors

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  • Published : April 16, 2012
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1.0 Social and cultural factors affecting participation

Sport and the Media

Sport is represented on a widespread in forms of mass communication, particularly TV, newspapers and magazines. Sports that are covered by the media are always higher than those that are not. For instance male football is dominated by multimedia representation. Who doesn't know who David Beckham is? However when it comes to female sport, it is hardly ever in the media's light. Do you know who Faye White is? If you do it is because you have a special interest in female football, in particular she is the current England team captain. This explains why the participation rates of male students have always been higher than females.

Changes in attitudes in sport

Role models such as David Beckham, Tanni Grey-Thompson and Kelly Holmes have had a huge influence on participation in recent years. Women are now accepted as managers, officials and club directors although this was not always the case. However some sports have declined in popularity, such as squash, whilst women's football and extreme sports are booming everywhere.

There are a number of organizations that have responsibility for sport and shape and respond to changing trends.

Sport Organisations

|Sport England logo |Devises strategies to raise standards of performance | | |develops sports at grass roots | |England netball |Organises and develops individuals sports | | |encourages participation | | |supports coaching...
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