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7-Eleven Convenience Store has more branches compared to

MINISTOP. 7-Eleven has 48,000 outlets worldwide while MINISTOP has

4,000 in Asia. 7-Eleven has a bigger market, more aggressive owners and

strategic company compared to the other one; so it is more popular to

people everywhere. They also have a larger number of employees, bigger

projects to help the community and wide array of advertisements to be more

popular. Comparing their ages to the business, 7-Eleven is definitely older

than MINISTOP. MINISTOP only operates for almost 33 years while 7-

Eleven has been running for 86 years.

The two convenience stores have the same costumers. They vary in

ages but they’re all students, employees, condominium tenants, household

helpers, passerby and commuters, both professional and non-professional


Regarding their employees, both of the convenience stores have a

security guard and two to three service crews, depending on the size of the

establishment with a manager. Their service crews are usually in between

18-30 years old bracket, both male and female, which is in the physical active

and attentive stage. Their managers are quite older compared to their crews

but they also help when there are a lot of costumers.


These convenience stores help a lot of people buy what they need

and want easier with limited time. Everything became in their reach that

changed their lifestyles too, from groceries to medicines and ready to eat food.

7-Eleven and MINISTOP became a one stop shop where you can find

everything that you need and buy in couple of minutes any time of the day,

seven days a week; aside from that, their services are also important for

emergencies like prepaid and internet loads, money transfer, bills payment

and ATMs. 7-Eleven affected more people geographically due to

the number of outlets that they have. It made them more popular to the public.

Availability is another way of advertisement where you do not have to pay.

Wherever you go, you can see one of their stores nearby, even outside of

your own country. MINISTOP is also popular but not as popular as 7-Eleven,

though they’re making their own wave already, away from the shadow of the

giant company 7-Eleven.


7-Eleven and MINISTOP are both located in areas with a lot of people

like loading zones, stop lights, bridge crossing, near condominiums, villages,

offices, schools and hospitals, government establishments and any busy

street. Their location is a very big factor that affects their sales and

customers. 7-Eleven has more stores that can serve people all over the world. Having as many outlets as they have, the store becomes more popular. They

are the title holder of the most numerous outlets. It affects people’s thinking

that they are more trustworthy due to the availability. Where ever people go,

they know that there is a 7-Eleven somewhere. Aside from the availability,

security is also important. 7-Eleven outlets look more secured compared to

MINISTOP. They are also located in busy streets that they have more than

one security guard in bigger outlets. Their stores are also equipped with

mirrors and CCTV cameras for shop lifters and “holdapers”. MINISTOP has

security guards too that varies from their store size but some of their stores

are not yet or well equipped with cameras in the Philippines.

Convenience stores are the number one target for variety of crimes to

the point that few were closed due to risks. The reasons for having them as

targets are: the small number of employees per store to stop or distinguish

criminals, the long availability hours that gives criminals more opportunities,

the small size of the store that make criminals easier to navigate and majority

of the...
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