Social Agression Due to Alcohol Consumption

Topics: Experiment, Hypothesis, Scientific method Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Name: Randall Dey
Class: General Psychology
Date: December 23, 2012
Name of Essay: Essay 1

Topic Chosen:

Design an experiment to test whether alcohol consumption influences people’s tendency to become socially aggressive. Be sure to specify your experimental hypothesis and identify your dependent and independent variables, as well as your experimental and control groups. Identify any experimental procedures that would help to ensure the validity or your research.


During this experiment, men aged 21 through 50 will become more socially aggressive with the consumption of the same type (Budweiser) of alcohol.

Dependent variable:

The dependent variable in this experiment is social aggressiveness.

Independent variable:

The independent variable in this experiment is the consumption of alcohol.

The study:

There were 20 participants, aged 21 through 50, within this study. Of the 20 participants 10 were exposed to alcohol consumption and 10 acted as a control group. Of the 20 participants six were Caucasian, eight were African American, two were Hispanic, and four were Asian. Of those 20 participants, the age groups were as follows: 21 through 30 years old, 31 through 40 years old, 41 through 50 years old. In the 21 through 30 year old group there were 11 participants, five in the experimental group and six in the control group. In the 31 through 40 year old group there were six participants, three in the experimental group and three in the control group. In the 41 through 50 year old group there were three participants, two in the experimental group and one in the control group.

The participants were observed on three separate occasions for social aggressiveness during alcohol consumption. During the first observation the participants were given three-12 oz bottles of Budweiser beer to be consumed in a one hour time period. During the second observation the participants were given five-12 oz bottles of Budweiser...
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