Social Affects of Tuberculosis

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Social Affects of Tuberculosis

SOC 313

Social Affects of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that mostly affects the lung. While tuberculosis is infectious and contagious it is preventable and curable. Even with updated information about this disease there still seems to be a stigma surrounding tuberculosis. Many people believe that tuberculosis is incurable. People also believe that if they come into contact with a person with TB then they will automatically contract TB as well. This however is not the case. A person with TB can lead a normal life; socially and vocationally. If caught in time, a person with tuberculosis can be treated. Though treatment lasts a quite a while individuals are able to return to a normal everyday life after only a few weeks. “Usually, after 2 to 4 weeks of intensive treatment with medication, individuals are no longer a public health threat in terms of being contagious, and they can return to normal activities,” (Falvo, 2009, p. 416). For individuals with TB, even though there can be normalcy in their lives, the fact of others knowing about their disease has the ability to affect relationships.

In a case study a woman, age 32, has HIV. Along with having HIV she has been recently received a positive tuberculosis skin test. Upon finding out this information, the young woman has informed her supervisor of the test results. She has considered the ramifications of revealing this information. However, she has shown great concern for the people who come into contact with her by relaying this information to her employer, (Falvo, 2009, p. 240). Here in lies the dilemma for the woman’s employer. A decision must be made as to what steps to take in making a decision that will benefit as those involved. The employer must find out information in order to determine the woman’s eligibility to continue employment and the effect her having tuberculosis can cause when coming into contact with others.

Tuberculosis is a...
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