Soci 111 a Day in the Life

Topics: Need, Want, 3rd millennium Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: January 24, 2012
* Hubby got up to make Chili
6:30 – Alarm (Black and Yellow song)
7:10 – Get up (Texted a friend about cramps and being pregnant) 7:15 – Dressed
7:20 – Wake Zach up
7:25 – Zach Dressed
* Nagged hubby about making chili in the dining room
7:30 – Leave house
7:40 – Drop off Zach @ daycare
7:45 – On the road to Donna’s house (Listened to Party Rock Anthem) 8:00 – Donna’s house
8:10 – Working out with Insanity (Smelled her floor a lot and was a cheerleader) 9:00 – Finish and dead
9:10 – Shower
9:25 – Eat Breakfast
9:35 – On the road to work
9:45 – Quick shopping (Clearance granola bars)
10:00 – Work (SCO’s)
12:00 – 15 min break
12:15 – Work (Got into trouble for wearing track pants)
1430 – Lunch
1500 – Work (Express lane- dealt with impatient woman)
* Matt came to tell me about Breanna and needing help with AJ (the other child) 1700 – Break
1715 – Work
1800 – Off
1820 – Hospital
1830 – 2230 – Helping Breanna
2245 – Started helping push
* Tried to be there for her and not get sick
2352 – Payton was born
2400 – Made the calls and posted on Facebook about the good news!

Waking up is never the highlight of my day, but never the less tat time of day always comes every morning. This morning was no different. Black and Yellow blared through my phone at 0630 like I asked it to, but it just seemed too early. I fought to truly wake up right away, then I laughed at myself for thinking that thought. Seeing how being out of the house was the goal that morning, I decided to get out of bed at 0700. When I woke up that morning it was not my goal to nag my husband to death, but lucky him it happened. He decided to make chili in the dining room. I am not sure why he did it, and when I asked him he just said that he wanted to. I don’t think the dining room is a place to cook, but he thought so this morning. The roles that I play on any given day range from all sorts of things. When I wake up I am always a mom and a wife. I am here for my husband...
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