Sochi 2014 Olympics

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  • Published : March 11, 2011
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BADM 324|
The Marketing of Sochi 2014


Table of contents
Introduction (Purpose, Scope, Significance)3
Background (Context, Existing Knowledge)5
Some quick facts about Sochi5
Research Question or Hypothesis8
Explanation of the Expectations of Sochi10
Innovative Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games10
Celebrating the spirit of Russia10
Delivering sustainable positive change, which inspires the World10
An impressive marketing based on party and glamour11
In Vancouver11
Everything must be contrasted14
Example of rebellion: No Sochi 201415
What does Sochi have to learn from Vancouver17
Ambiance of pride and atmosphere17
Volunteer spirit17
References/BibliographyErreur ! Signet non défini.

Sochi, Russian resort between the Black Sea and the Caucasian mountains, has been chosen to host the next 2014 Olympic Games. Lots of optimistic promises are done, those Games are supposed to be Innovative, celebrating, sustainable and inspiring. It is the chance for Russia to change its image. Marketing is very impressive and efficient; the image that Sochi gives is a really beautiful and strong one. Nevertheless, this decision is really polemical; Sochi doesn’t seem to be as perfect as it is said. The weather is not adapted, there is no equipment yet, everything has to be done and this costs a lot of money. The population is not listened by the government, political power seems omnipotent.


“When the athletes were all in the stadium and seated, the Greek flag was raised next to the Canadian flag, and the Olympic flag was lowered.  It was passed from the Mayor of Vancouver to IOC President Jacques Rogge to the Mayor of Sochi, the host country of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.  The Sochi flag was raised, and a show was performed that portrayed Russia’s splendor and beauty.” February, 28th 2010. The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games are over. The Olympic Flag is passed to Sochi, Russia, the host of the next 2014 Winter Games. The Olympic adventure goes on. And so does the show… While beauty and splendour of Russia are portrayed, everybody’s eyes are turning into Sochi and its abilities to host successful Games in 2014. Even if there were some failures, Vancouver 2010 was a success and Sochi has a lot to learn from it. Sochi 2014 took advantage of the Vancouver 2010 Games to introduce itself; they rented one of the most famous buildings of Vancouver to settle their Pavilion, the Russian House also called Sochi World, the Russian Team and supporters were dressed in a very recognizable way, Sochi was presented under its best days to the numerous visitors and Russian culture, music and party had an important place. Famous Russian figures and athletes came for dedications, adding even more “glamour” to Sochi World… They have now presented their objectives and strategy; they are very ambitious and their promises are very impressive. Their marketing is huge. When I was working at the Russian House, I had an amazing time. I learned a lot about Marketing, Events Management, in both academic and professional ways. I also had a lot of fun. I was seduced by Sochi, Russia and their promises about the next Games. Then I felt that everything sounds too good to be completely true and that it has to be contrasted… That is the point of this paper.

The outline of my paper is the following:

1) Explanation of the strategy of Sochi 2014

2) An impressive marketing based on party and glamour (how do they do to success) a. In Vancouver
* Russian House
* Huge Russian presence
b. Sponsoring
c. Ambassadors
d. Olympic university

3) Everything must be contrasted
e. Citizens complains
f. Why Sochi??
g. Example of rebellion: No Sochi 2014

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