Soccer Population

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Luis M.
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23 February 2012
Soccer Pop
Sports are a very popular topic amongst many people across the globe. Many people find a passion to participate or follow in the sport that calls their attention. I can still remember I grew up practicing to tie my shoes. Whether it be basketball sneakers, baseball cleats or fútbol cleats. I have always been interested in a variety of sporting events. If I was asked to say which sport I would favor, I can say that soccer is a sport that grasps my interest. That made me to think about which sport is the one that is the most popular amongst the world. If you were to ask Americans, typically they might believe that American Football is the sport sits on top of gaining the most popularity. Whether that might be true in the United States it would be a completely false assumption to believe it is the most popular sport in the world. It leads to question if soccer is the most popular sport in the world? Why do most of the people follow soccer more than any other sport? In 2006, the World Cup was the most watched sporting event in the world. It was estimated that one out of two people were most likely to direct their attention toward soccer and catch a glimpse of the World Cup (Miller, 2010). Why is it that soccer overcomes its popularity between other well-known sporting events such as basketball or baseball?

Miller, Toby. "Soccer Conquers The World." Chronicle Of Higher Education 56.37 (2010): B6-B9. Academic Search Premier. Web. 24 Feb. 2012.

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