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Regional Training Centre National Training Centre
Prepared by: Terrol Russell Director, RTC – Saskatchewan Staff Coach, NTC – Prairies Regional Training Centre – Saskatchewan: Saskatoon, Regina National Training Centre – Prairies: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba


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1.0 – RTC-SK/NTC-P Program Outline 2011-2012
For the purposes of identifying players for our National Youth Teams Program, the Canadian Soccer Association has established five National Training Centres across Canada. The Prairie Provinces are served by the National Training Centre – Prairies (NTC-P) in Edmonton and directed by CSA Men‟s U-17 Head Coach Sean Fleming. Locally players are selected to train in the Regional Training Centre - Saskatchewan (RTC-SK). The purpose of the RTCSK is to develop players who have the potential to eventually be selected for involvement in the NTC-P, National Youth Teams Programs, Professional Club Environments, and Post Secondary Programs. Over the past three years a shift in training philosophy has transpired in the RTC-SK program. New coaching techniques and methods of learning have been implemented and a focus on relationship building with the Districts, Clubs/Zones and Technical Directors is one of the core program principles. Promotion of a development-first approach is in the best interest of Saskatchewan athletes and is quickly becoming a key directive of soccer stakeholders Province-wide. Integration of the three pillars of long term sustainability, recruitment, retainment, and development drives our program and has helped remove the results-based approach that impedes player-development. The RTC-SK is designed to be a platinum-level training environment; providing identified Saskatchewan athletes the opportunity to compete on a more equitable level to other high-performance athletes across the country. As of October 31, 2011 the RTC-SK will evolve into a full-time indoor after school program. Separate development plans have been created for our Training to Train (T2T) and Training to Compete (T2C) athletes, who will be scheduled for on-field training three and five days a week respectively. Funding has been concentrated into one environment and having transitioned into fulltime training status, Saskatoon will now act as the core training base for high-performance RTC-SK programming. Identified athletes throughout the Province will be provided the opportunity to relocate during the training season and participate in the core training environment or participate in local training environments sanctioned as a Centre of Excellence. This is to ensure all identified athletes are challenging and provide a high competition level. Athletes training within the RTC-SK will now be referred to as apprentices because part of the purpose of the program is to develop students of the game. In response to the increased time demand and specialized training methods the RTCSK will provide, apprentices will be required to provide a full physical and psychological commitment to the program. Due to their positioning within the growth and maturation paradigm, T2T apprentices will be supported and encouraged to acquire movement skills within non-soccer specific environments. Once an apprentice enters the T2C program however an increased commitment to soccer specific training will be expected. The RTC-SK coaching staff will be tasked with ensuring each apprentice, regardless of program level, is provided the...
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