Records of the Grand Historian

Towson University
ENGL 102-045
Instructor: Laurel Strassberger
Student: Lingyu Zhang

Soccer is a popular sport. Although Americans prefer football, soccer is the No.1 sport in the world. The world’s people are crazy about soccer; some countries regard soccer as their “National sport”. For example, Britain and Brazil are this kind of countries. If something or someone is famous enough, it will have a lot of effect. As we know that the Olympics Games is the grand ceremony for humans, it becomes a symbol for peace and dreams. But it is also a big sports competition and includes many single sports events, if we only talk about a single event, only soccer can have almost same effect. Even politics have been influenced by soccer. Some countries stop the war for some soccer games. In World War I, Britain and Germany became enemies. In December 1914, at Christmas time, the British and German were very homesick. They stopped fighting and celebrated Christmas in the trenches. In that time, an incredible thing happened, they had some soccer games in the middle ground until the soccer ball was broken. This was a “victory” for soccer, sports and humanity.

Soccer, which is a global sport, has the most influence a single sports event. It also has a long history. Soccer has two epochs, ancient soccer and modern soccer. Ancient soccer originated in China. It was called “Cu Ju” in Chinese. “Cu Ju” was first recorded in <Shi ji> (Qian SiMa). It recorded that a lot of people began to play “Cu Ju” in Chinese kingdom Qi (B.C.386-221). In dynasty Tang (A.D. 618-907), China became the most powerful country in the world. It was also the most powerful time of the feudal society. The technology of making soccer ball had developed a lot. The ball looked like the soccer ball today. The rules for the soccer games became complete. Business men came to China from west and east, they spread ancient soccer games to eastern and western countries. Because of the limitations...
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