Soccer's Rapid Growth in American Schools

Topics: College, High school, United States Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Soccer is rapidly becoming more popular in high schools. Some people believe that soccer will surpass football as the main sport in most schools within a few years. There are a few reasons backing the sport’s rapid growth. Some of the increase can be attributed to the noticeable growth of certain ethnic populations in which soccer is the primary athletic activity and spectator sport. Schools see the higher interest and add soccer to their roster of sports. This in turns leads more kids to playing, and even more spectators and then leading them getting further involved with the sport. Now, more than ever before a huge percentage of students from all different age groups and all different demographic backgrounds are playing youth soccer. A generation raised on soccer will most certainly aid in the popularity of soccer in the US. Schools also see it as a source of additional revenue from the sponsorships to the cost of admission to events. Speaking on the subject of money, soccer is also an inexpensive sport to play. More and more Americans are facing financial struggle and playing soccer is simply more economical than just about any other sport. The lower cost of equipment reduces the overall cost of playing soccer recreationally and competitively. Football, for example is an extremely expensive sport and many are finding that the cost is not worth the benefit. This is true at many small colleges and universities who have chosen not to have football teams due to the tremendous cost. In its place, soccer has the opportunity to become the most popular sport in many communities. The equipment is considerably cheaper to that of football’s equipment.
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