Socail Impact Management Solution

Topics: Corporation, Meaning of life, Government Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Dongjoon Kim
Social Impact management
February 27, 2013
1. By searching on “CALA and lawsuit,” you can find the Web sites of a variety of CALA organizations. Search their Web sites and decide whether you agree with the assessments of the CALA report. Do you find their practices to be deceptive or defensible? Do the various CALAs differ in that regard? I found that a website named “California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse”. They say that all abusive lawsuits have an outsized impact on the economy. When a business is facing an abusive lawsuit, it is often far less expensive simply to settle the lawsuit rather than incur steep legal fees fighting it in court. While this saves companies money in the short term, it only encourages unscrupulous attorneys to continue shaking down businesses with abusive lawsuits. If the purpose of organization is for proper right, it could be defensible practice. However if they have any relationship with target corporation, it would be deceptive practice. 2. Where do you draw the line? What limits should be placed on corporate lobbying under shell grassroots organizations? Does your attitude toward “shell” lobbying groups vary with the extent to which you agree with the causes they are promoting? In my opinion, if there is any relation between CALA and Corporates, it already loses the meaning of CALA organization. They have to make clear line to maintain the purpose of foundation. 3. What, if any, public policy recommendations would you make? If I am a policy maker, I would make clear limitation between CALA and business corporations and prohibit any kinds of money transaction. If CALA takes profits from business organization, a policy that prohibits activities as a non-profit will be conducted.
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