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Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet
Part I: Select and identify six groups in the left-hand column. Complete the matrix. Part II: Write a summary.
Part III: Format references consistent with APA guidelines.
Jorge Vich

|Part I: Matrix |What is the group’s history in the United |What is the group’s population in the |What are some attitudes and customs people|What is something you admire about | | |States? |United States? |of this group may practice? |this group’s people, lifestyle, or | | | | | |society? | |White |The United States Census Bureau defines White|The Census database shows the in 2000 out|They practice Christianity or catholicity |They have a real well organize | | |people as those “having origins in one of the|of 281.4 million people 216.9 million |as their main form of religion. There also|lifestyle, they have tons of goals, | | |original people of Europe, the Middle East or|reported as only white. This equals to |really in depended, and extremely hard |and they know that their goals can be | | |North Africa”. Whites are the history of the |77.1% of the population |working. |achieve with hard work. | | |Unites States. | | | | |Native |European people did not intend to antagonize |The Census database shows the in 2000 out|Their attitudes and customs are most |The way there are so in touch with | |American |the Native peoples unnecessarily, but they |of 281.4 million people 2.5 million, |related to outdoor activities, for example|nature and everything nature have to | | |needed to set their self as rulers. Over the |reported as only Native American. This |dancing(used in most all rituals and |offer. | | |years Native American has been mistreated. |equals to 0.9% of the population |celebrations), pottery (form of art),great| | | |Their diversity reflects in religious and | |spirit, and natural medication | | | |spiritual expression. Despite the loss of so | | | | | |much of their historical settlement areas, | | | | | |Native Americans struggle to achieve | | | | | |environment justice. | | | | |African American |African people were brought to American |The Census database shows the in 2000 out|Their attitudes and customs are extremely |Their physical attributes, their | | |involuntarily and in...
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