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Topics: Philippines, Manila, Philippine Revolution Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Revolts| Leaders & Year| Causes| Result|
1. Dagohoy Revolt2. Lakandula3. Magat Salamat4. Magalat5. Sumoroy6. Revolt of the Irrayas7. Maniago8. Malong9. Diego Silang10. Ibanag Revolt| Francisco Dagohoy, also known as Francisco Sendrijas (1744-1829)Rajah Lakandula(1574)Magat Salamat(1587-1588)Magalat(1596)Juan Ponce Sumoroy(1649)Felipe Cutabay, Gabriel Dayag (1621)Francisco Maniago(1660)Andres Malong(1660-1661)Diego Silang(1762-1763)Dabo and Juan Marayag(1673)|  Forced labor was one of the causes of the revolt. But what triggered the decision to rise up in arms against the Spanish authorities in Bohol was the refusal of a Jesuit priest to give a Christian burial to Dagohoy's brother.He fought the Spaniards for control of land and was defeated and captured. In 1571, he made a peace pact with Miguel López de Legazpi and handed over his throne to the Spanish.His hatred on the Spaniards grew to such intensity that he formed a secret society in Tondo to overthrow the invadersResentment of the natives of the payment of tribute and the implementation of polo y servcioThe primary cause of this revolt in Tuguegarao, Cagayan was the opposition to the tribute.Oppresion of the Indios by the Spanish officials.made to work for eight months under unfair conditions and were not paid for their labor and for the rice purchased from them.In defiance to forced labor and the abuses of Spanish officials, Malong led the revolt.Desire to expel the Spaniards from Ilocos.Natives declared their independence and refused to pay tributes| Dagohoy defeated the Spanish-Filipino forces sent against him. He established a free government in the mountains, and had 3,000 followers, which subsequently increased to 20,000. The patriots remained unsubdued in their mountains stronghold and, even after Dagohoy's death, continued to defy Spanish power.Lakandula's role as ruler of Tondo was then taken up by his grandnephew, and Rajah Soliman’s adopted son, Agustin de Legazpi.Hung to death by the...
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