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Topics: Law, Sophocles, Justice Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: April 23, 2013
In Northbrook, Illinois, where the criminal rate has been only half the average US cities has downgraded its reputation after a homicide of a 22-year old Paul Koh erupted. Consecutive to his gory death, being “…stabbed multiple times...” his dad, the first generation of immigrant, Hyungseok Koh “has been charged with first-degree murder [holding] in lieu of $5 million bond” as a result of “a strained relationship between father and son” based on couple mumbled statements during the interrogation of “overzealous investigators”. Ironically, DNA of “one additional, unknown contributor”, found during the investigation remains unquestioned while Mr. Koh’s wrongfully interpreted statements proves that he is guilty under the justice of the law. While the world seems still perplexed after 2500 years of striving to come up with the perfect definition of justice as the tragedy of Koh family has depicted, Sophocles adamantly illustrates that the adversarial relationship between the power of institution and intrinsic moral ethic of the mankind impede people to pursue wisdom, the impartial understanding of law and justice. While the Koh family inherits the role of Anigone’s societal deviance, a premature perception against the Koh family by the rest of the town illustrates the greater force beyond the intension of public institution. Before the Koh family’s infamous bloody incident began to creep in the doorways Northbrook’s neighbors, completely destroying the idealistic small-town life, there already has been another homicide of Korean parents killing a daughter after an emotional confrontation. After facing such extreme case of criminal, police department of Northbrook has unconsciously and gradually built up a perception of Korean parents being exceptionally hysteric and controlling over their children. While investigation with skewed perception proceeds, the town of Northbrook and policemen confirm and prove to the public their knowledge strictly reinforced by...
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