Soc 241

Topics: Employment, Max Weber, Karl Marx Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: March 21, 2013
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Julia Woodhall
SOC 241

Within sociology, there are a number of varying theories and theorists interested in explaining and understanding the structures and inequalities of work. This can be achieved through studying an individual’s work experience. Two years ago, I had an opportunity to work in Hong Kong as an internship in an advertising agency company called Draftfcb for 4 months. My occupation position was a personal assistant of the marketing department. My responsibilities in this position are to help coordinate advertising and working on contracts with the clients. Also, I helped scheduling and monitoring production and delivery of the products. Draftfcb is one of the largest global advertising agency networks formed in 2006. The Draftfcb network spans 161 offices in 96 countries and employs approximately 9000 people. With its foundation based upon the equal principles of creativity and accountability, it is fully a integrated marketing communications agency for the digital age to operate against a single P&L without any silos. Based on my work experience, there were many employees affected by the structures and inequality of work in this corporation. In this paper, I am going to discuss some of the concepts or theories taught in this course and apply it to my previous work experience.

In modern societies, workers tended to lose the artisanal connection with their tools that they had previously enjoyed. While I was working in this company, I thought that I could use my own knowledge to work on the assigned projects. However, I realized that the company would not allow their employees to work in their own way because this corporation wanted to take control every production process. The employees must follow the instructions that were given by the head of department or manager. Afterwards, I felt less interested in the projects that I had been assigned. The chance of being creative was now restricted by company...
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