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  • Published : May 22, 2011
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Road Not Taken

Antoinette Reynolds

ENG 125 Introduction to Literature

Instructor : Corrella Brown

January 24, 2010

In “ Road Not Taken “ Robert Frost, is faced with a decision which road to

Take but very quickly his choice to take the lesser road traveled, with no

Regrets, he starts his journey never looking back or giving it a second thought.

As we go on living we are faced with choices and decisions to how we live

And what to expect in our lives never knowing the out come, raising two

Teenagers I am faced everyday to make choices not knowing where it will

Lead me but that’s a chance I feel in life I have to take and pray along the

Way it was the right decision. This story has so many good meanings but

What if the road he had chose lead him to a place he didn’t expect it to

Lead him to? would he had turned around or kept going? That’s a question

That ran across my mind as I was reading the story. I guess that’s a question

To be answered. One decision I am finding myself having a problem with is

Where they are trying to combine our children with three other schools, these

Kids have been going to their schools for years and now their trying to put

Them together. I feel this is the biggest mistake ever. For one thing they

Don’t even see eye to eye on a lot of things that they should and now they

Want to combine them as if they haven’t already been through enough. But

This is the decision of the parents which school we want to send our kids

But I...
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