Soc 120 Formal Organization Paper

Topics: Management, Organization, Formal organization Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: October 30, 2010
In today’s society there are three major types of formal organizations. The first type of formal organization is the normative organization. The normative organization is a type of formal organization that a person works for to achieve a goal. The second type of formal organization is the utilitarian organizations. The utilitarian organization is the type of formal organization someone works at to make a living. This is the most common formal organization. The last type of formal organization is the coercive organization. This type of formal organization is the type of formal organization that has involuntary membership. Many organizations are finding it easier to become a flexible organization. Over the past century formal organizations have been evolving into flexible organizations. Going from formal organization to flexible organization allows a lot of characteristics to change.

Formal organizations have evolved over the last century. In the beginning formal organizations believed in a system called the scientific management. This was the type of management of formal organization in which scientific applications were put in place to operate the business. Initially the scientific management method was broken down into three different parts. The first part of the scientific management was the observation by managers of each employee, which allowed them to identify the all the operations and the amount of time needed to complete the operations. The second step of scientific management is the analyst of the data the managers have collected so that they could come up with more efficient ways for the workers to do their jobs. The last step of the scientific management is guidelines and incentives given to the works by the managers on how they can efficiently do their jobs. These types of system soon lead to the flexible organizations.

Over a century ago formal organizations were much different than they are in today’s society. Many organizations rather use the...
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