Soc 110 Communication Paper

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  • Published : May 30, 2011
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Communication Paper
May 16, 2011

Communication Paper

Communication is always occurring whether anyone is speaking or not. There are two ways that people can communicate; verbal and non-verbal. There are three functions of verbal communication—task ordering, process orientation, and narrative. Communication is not only spoken language as in verbal communication but it also involves non-verbal which includes facial expression, gestures, making eye contact, and hand movements. This paper will describe the differences and how people communicate. Also it will converse the challenges that arise when communicating with different genders and cultures and how one can communicate more effectively in a diverse environment. There are some distinct differences between how men and women use and understand communication. There are differences in how we approach, laugh, or relate to a conversation based on the genders of each party that may arise in some challenges. Understanding of how each gender interacts with certain topics makes communication easier. This is very important to be knowledgeable about in the workplace. Men and women usually differ in the subjects they like to discuss. Women are more likely to discuss relationships, clothing, food and health, personal and domestic issues. Men are more likely to discuss sports, music, current events, business and women. Sometimes subjects that men talk about can be uncomfortable to women for example talking about weight. However, if both parties are women weight is a common subject that does get brought up. To overcome some of these challenges is always best to be willing and open about discussing subject that may not interest or pertain yourself. Men and women approach verbal and nonverbal communication differently. The communication style of men is more direct. Men are more dominate and may take offence or feel put down when women offers to help and add input in a conversation. Men can come to decisions...
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